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This post is part of a series of short writings by a small writer on particular topics and stories named Howard Reede-Pelling, he lives in Victoria, Australia and is in his older age now. Here, he has written about philately

Philately is the hobby of stamp collecting. We all did at one time or another. delve into the fascinating world of this most ancient of pastimes, well of the last century or so at any rate. Because of its diversity there is an interest for all, young and old alike.The young because it is really fascinating the old because of the fiscal benefits. Stamp collecting has a very large following and it has an extremely large diversity. For instance, there are collectors for charity, that have no real interest in philately but they know others do have and get together all the stamps that would that would otherwise have been wasted and send them to institutions; mainly as money-raisers. Then there are the beginners, children mostly, who have the curiosity to learn of the different cultures and variety of stamps, those fledglings who begin a collection and then lose interest. But far and away are the serious collectors who steadfastly adhere to the rigid guidelines of philataly and properly store, tend, and preserve these icons of yesteryear and of the future purely for not only the monetary value but because they have a genuine love of stamps.

A true philatelist is one who takes a genuine interest in the hobby and acquires all the necessary utensils to adequately consumate their ideals of the collecting and storage of stamps. A couple of pairs of tweezers (fine and heavy) the correct drying material for used stamps, good pocket albums for the correct storage of their treasures, most importantly, two pairs of eyeglasses for the finer inspection of the stamps to take note of imperfections and variations. A nice airy office and an uncluttered desk for the laying out and sorting of these sometimes very scarce and valuable items, drying

As the years roll by, stamp collecting is becoming more and more of a mind-boggler. The new varieties keep coming as the governments realise that huge incomes can be gained for the public coffers, due to the enormous interest that is encouraged by new variations and sets of stamps.
It would seem that everyone is trying to cash in on the enormity of stamp collecting. Personalised stamps, stamps of the different flora and fauna of countries, even motor racing and yachting events are catered for. Anything from which governments are able to raise monetary gain is being exploited. While the interest is there, and it looks like the interest always will be there, people and governments are out to make a profit. And why not? When there is a genuine need and people are happy with it, make it viable; there is no harm in promoting that which does some good for all involved.
I like philately, do you?

Howard Reede-Pelling.

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