Summary of Council Election Results

It’s been a few weeks now since the Victorian Local Government elections for all the Councils (excluding Greater Geelong) occured.

The results have been finalised for the ward where I ran (Solway Ward) within the City of Boroondara.

The system used is a preferential system, this means that the preferences are distributed from those who recieve the least amount of votes (where there are more than two candidates).
After preferences were distributed I recieved 41.82% of the final votes and my main opponent; 58.18%. As there is only one Councillor elected per ward, they were elected.

The overall experience was at times fun, a great learning experience and at other times stressful, especially when trying to juggle full time study and work at the same time.
I would very much encourage anybody who is considering running in the future to do so.

The amount of work you put in, how you campaign and the amount you are willing to spend is all at your own discretion.

I am very happy with the results, especially because I had never run before.

Thank you again to all my supporters.
-Brendan Eager.

Thank You – Voting is now closed

Thank you to everybody that voted for myself or provided support for the Solway Ward elections of The City of Boroondara.
We could have not achieved such a successful campaign without the letterboxing, sign posting and promotion to friends that everybody did.
Counting is now underway for the final tally with 68.28% of the votes having been counted when this was posted.

There will very likely be a distribution of preferences from one other candidates received votes, which could potentially change the gap between the current distribution of votes.

Results should be finalised between Friday the 28th of October and Monday the 31st of October. You can see the full current count here.

30.60% of the ballot papers counted so far, chose to vote independent this election.

Thank you again to everybody, it’s been a great experience for myself and I hope for you too.

You can still contact myself here if you have any further enquiries or input for myself.


Brendan Eager.