Graduating Flight 38 ITS 4 WAAAF Rookies


  • Title: Graduating Flight 38 ITS 4 WAAAF Rookies
  • Photographer: Probably Frank Boase[1, 2, 3]
  • Date Taken: September or August 1942
  • Location Taken: Mount Breckan, Victor Harbour, South Australia, Australia
  • Dimensions: 15.6cm x 11cm
  • Description: Graduating WAAAF ‘Flight 38’ photographed at RAAF Base Number 4 Initial Training School in Victor Harbour
  • Extra Information: Second from the top left is Margaret Jean Lennox, 104104 (my grandmother, later Eager), other people who may be in this photo could be Joyce Gilmore (later Clutterbuck), Kath Lyons, 104105 (daughter of previous Prime Minister) and Thelma Jenkins.
  • Handwriting in book: “Victor Harbour Aug 1942”
  • Handwriting on back: “Flight 38. Sept 1942. 4 I.T.S. Victor Harbour. Winning Flight”
  • Handwriting information: The handwriting in the book would be written by my grandfather, therefore the month may be wrong. The handwriting is on the back is readable (not my grandfathers) but the “Winning Flight” may not say “Winning”.
  • Harvard citation: Boase 1942, Graduating Flight 38 ITS 4 WAAAF Rookies, photograph, retrieved 18 September 2020, <>
  • Catalogue ID: JEAN037
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