Creative Commons Share-Alike PNGs

On this page I’ve included images which are Creative Commons Share-Alike that I’ve created.
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A plate with sliced kiwifruit and cherries

Fruit plate CC PNG

Waste Cardboard

Cardboard CC PNG

Paper Tea Cup

Paper Tea Cup CC

Lipton Used Tea Bag

Tea Bag CC PNG

Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet Paper Roll CC

Small Wrapper CC

Rubbish Bag

Rubbish Bag CC

Ribbon CC PNG

Thai Recycling Bin

Thai Recycling Bin

Pocky Box

Pocky Box CC PNG



Thai Pepsi Bottle

Thai Pepsi CC PNG

Waste Paper

Waste Paper CC

Thai Milk Box

Thai Milk Box CC

Oishi Lemon Tea Bottle

Oishi Bottle CC PNG

Face Mask

Face Mask CC PNG

Thai Orange Juice Box

Thai Orange Juice

Icecream Stick

Icecream Stick CC

Turkish Jam Jar

Turkish Jam CC

Icecream Cup Lid

Icecream Cup Lid

Icecream Cup

Icecream Cup CC

Icecream Stick Packet

Stick Packet CC

Open Haribo Packet

Haribo Packet CC

Thai Waste Bin

Thai Waste Bin CC

Empty Icecream Cup

Empty Icecream CC

Fishsticks Packet

Fishsticks Packet CC

Empty Water Bottle

Empty Water Bottle

Thai Compost Bin

Thai Compost Bin

Empty Plastic Cup

Empty Plastic Cup

Open Carnation Can

Open Carnation Can

Thai Cup Bubble Tea

Cup Bubble Tea CC

Random Soft Drink Can

Soft Drink Can CC

Thai Cream Biscuits Packet

Thai Cream Biscuits

Turkish Beans Can

Turkish Beans Can



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You can use these pictures under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.